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Sew crazy!

My own pattern for a simple tote bag
Sometimes a creative bug will hit me and I become obsessed with only painting or drawing or whatever.  Lately sewing has become my favorite thing to do.  It could be because of my current job at a fabric store where I am surrounded with fabric and endless inspiration.  Hm...

Simplicity #2183
In the past few weeks I have made three skirts, a scarf, a jacket, a t-shirt and a scrub shirt for my hubby and tote bags.  The patterns are all super easy, the thing that takes time is cutting out the patterns.  When it comes to sewing the complex patterns are not for this girl.  Keep it simple and let the fabric do the talking.  The clothes are all patterns that were purchased, but the bag was made up by little ol' me.  :)

See & Sew B5516
See & Sew B5516

Mccalls #6107

Kwik Sew pattern # 1750 with modifications
This isn't everything, but just a few examples of my sewing projects.


Andi Keding said…
Boy you have been busy. I started a bridesmaid dress for my dauhgter. Have not sewn a dress in 20 years. It took me a week to get up the courage to cut it out. I basted it all together as I had to use a pattern size 16. And my daughter is not a 16. Boy, I went by her waist size, fitted it on her and don't have that much left over. I can't believe how they size those patterns. Great job.

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Denim Teddy Bear

One of my cousins is pregnant and the baby shower is in a week.  I debated what to do for her and finally decided on a Teddy Bear.  I posted about this pattern previously but this time, my fabric selection is a bit different.  From my favorite, the Goodwill, I got a denim curtain panel for 1.49.  The fabric is really soft and was plenty to make two bears, one for another friend due later this year.  Instead of just using the obvious 'front' of the fabric, I reversed some of it.  It has a great two-toned effect.  For an extra bit of interest I added a few patches on the bear.  My cousin is waiting to find out if she is having a boy or girl, so with the denim it work for either.  I still need to add a ribbon around the neck, but haven't found anything I like yet.  Most likely it will be red or blue.  Hope she likes it!

Beer Cap Trivet

My husband is going to want to keep this one, but my plan is to give it as a gift to his brother and wife for Christmas.  I may just need to make another one for us!  For months now I have been saving bottle caps from different beers and finally had enough variety to make this trivet.  The frame was a find at Tuesday Mornings for .99.  I just had to break the existing tile out first.  The bottle caps were all glued down and then used grout to finish it off.  It is great gift idea for the beer lover and you could even use caps that are all the same or even pop caps.

Silk Chuppah

So, last fall my friends and fellow Parrotheads honored me with the request to paint a Chuppah for their wedding.  "Yes of course I would love too" I said.  "What is a Chuppah?"  
Basically, it is the canopy under which the wedding ceremony is performed and symbolizes the home.  

This was a daunting task for me for a few reasons, one because it was for there special day and two because painting on fabric like silk was new to me.  The only requirements were dolphins needed to be included and the colors.  For months I thought about what to do and finally, this past spring an idea came to me.  I drew up the designs and sent them to the couple.  Yeah!  They approved!  OK, now how to paint on silk...yeah for you tube.  Found a great tutorial and went to work gathering the supplies needed.  I can do this!  Uh-Oh...just totally ruined that piece of silk.  :(  Better get more.  With just a few weeks before the wedding I started working on the Chuppah.  The couple was getting…