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Parrothead Inspiration

I have posted quite a few Adirondack chairs on this blog and will probably post many more.  The chairs are fun and the opportunity to paint them came about because my husband broke his leg in 2000.  Weird huh! 

We are in a Parrothead club and went to see Jimmy Buffett at Alpine Valley in Wisconsin.  My husband had broken his leg early in the summer and he wanted me to paint it with a tropical design because we were going to see Buffett.  The then president of our Minnesota club, StMinnesomeplace, saw the cast and asked if I was able to paint some chairs.  Well, sure, why not!  Thus Dawn the Artist came to be, that is how that name was started. 

I just finished the chairs that will be auctioned off at the end of March and got news that the club founder, the one who asked my to start painting chairs had passed after a battle with cancer.  Jerry was my inspiration to start painting tropical designs.  It was because of him that my life long love of art was rekindled after a dry spell.  Th…

Cat Cutting Board Take II

Until I started blogging and trying to find thrifty items to paint, I never realized that cutting boards were available in so many shapes.  Of course there is the basic paddle board style, but there are also many animal shapes.  This is the second cat one that I have found. 

There is a small area in my home that had a black and white theme so like the past cat that was posted this one is also B & W.  The design is a variety of patterns, kind of a signature of my style.

Oops!  Thought I posted the first cat, but didn't.

Here it is.

One of a kind lamp shade

I kind of dropped the ball around Christmas time.  As usual I made many gifts, but forgot to take pictures before giving them.  Some of the ideas came from pinterest, others from my imagination.  My sister in laws all got glass block decorations, my nephew got a framed cross made from an old baseball and my niece got a painted cookie tray.  If I can talk my family into sending me pictures, these items may be posted in the future.

For today's posting here is a very unique lampshade.  The shade had a cool structure, but the fabric and trim were not in the best condition.  I used my stockpile of yo-yos and sewed them to the frame of the shade.  Next I used some old bits of lace and added the fabric to it.

It is very different and not everyone will like it, but it goes with my eclectic and colorful decor.