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Showing posts from April, 2012

Yo Yo Pillow

A great way to use up scrap fabric is to make yo-yos.  What are yo yo's?  Small circles of fabric that are gathered.  I was bored one day and started to sort through my fabric for odds and ends, there was a lot so I went to work.  When there were quite a few done, I sewed them onto an existing pillow and had a new look.

A few paintings

Can you believe it?  Another post this soon!  I have been making stuff, but the posting has gotten slower, sorry.  These two wooden plaques were bought at a thrift store for less than $2.00 each.  They had some premade botanical pictures on them.  I decided to just paint some random designs on them.  They are about 12 inches square and they turned out great but now what I really want to do is some more paintings in this style only much larger.  The designs would make such a statement on a larger scale.  That may require a trip to Menards or Home Depot.

Sorry for the picture quality, my camera in not working the best right now.

Sew crazy!

Sometimes a creative bug will hit me and I become obsessed with only painting or drawing or whatever.  Lately sewing has become my favorite thing to do.  It could be because of my current job at a fabric store where I am surrounded with fabric and endless inspiration.  Hm...

In the past few weeks I have made three skirts, a scarf, a jacket, a t-shirt and a scrub shirt for my hubby and tote bags.  The patterns are all super easy, the thing that takes time is cutting out the patterns.  When it comes to sewing the complex patterns are not for this girl.  Keep it simple and let the fabric do the talking.  The clothes are all patterns that were purchased, but the bag was made up by little ol' me.  :)

This isn't everything, but just a few examples of my sewing projects.