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Golf Chair...FORE!!!

Here is another Adirondack chair, but this time the request was golf themed.  It turned out good I think.  The arms are supposed to represent actual holes at a local course.  It was fun and challenging to do something other than tropical. 

A family member asked for this one for a charity golf benefit.  Hopefully it will raise a lot of money for Cancer research.

Update:  Over $400.00 for charity!!!  Woo Hoo!

Sister Peace - My 400th Post!

I don't know if other artists experience this, but sometimes as I am drifting off to sleep, pictures or designs appear in my brain.  That is where the inspiration for this painting comes from.  I got up and grabbed a sheet of paper and pen and scribbled down what I saw in my head.  I have no clue why this came to my mind.  What is interesting is that I am not Catholic or Muslim, but the woman resembles someone that could be represented in either religion.  Normally I don't name my works of art, but this one just popped in my head.  Ah...the mind of a creative person is always a wonder to me.