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Super fast, super easy Infinity Scarf

The hot fashion item that everyone has to have right now is a fun scarf.  Here is my super easy scarf  'pattern' if you could even call it that.  This fabric was purchased from Hancock fabrics and is 9.99 a yard.  Basically you need a quarter of a yard to make this which means it cost about 2.50.  It's a great bargain and you will get a ton of compliments on it. 

The fabric is already ruffled so you just need to sew the two ends together and cut if you would like too.  I gathered mine just a bit for a flower looking detail.  At this point your basic scarf is finished.  I decided to cut between the ruffles with a pinking shears for added interest.  You can use regular scissors also, this fabric won't fray.  There are great colors to choose from too!  Hot pink, black, turquoise, a few shades of grey and white to just list a few.

This is so EASY! You have to try it! Please feel free to comment if you have questions. This is the first time I have made step by step inst…

Coffee Notecards

Hey it's me!  One of my teacher from High School is on FB and also Pinterest.  She posts some really cool stuff and loves coffee/tea related things as well as doodle like designs.  I decided to make her a small gift and send it to her.  I drew 8 cool coffee notecards for her and dropped them in the mail.  Teachers don't get enought thanks and she was someone that influenced me and many other.  I am glad to call her friend!

Fish & Knits

I am such a slacker!  Now that my posts aren't everyday, I tend to get sidetracked and forget to share my creativity.  So, here finally is the second calendar page, it is similar to a post of note cards from August 7, 2011.  So far the theme seems to be animals for the calendar.  We will have to see what other ideas come about and just follow the inspiration, you never know where it will end up.

Since my posts have been few and far between this is a second fun project.  These necklaces were made from a kids knit kit.  (say that three times fast)  I bought three of these kits one for me and the others for two of my nieces.  At my work they were on clearance and cost 1.50 each!  The projects on the box are for cute little creatures so the girls will love them, but the critters are not really my taste. 

After a while of 'playing' with the kit, creativity kicked in and these two fun necklaces were made.  The loom is fun and fast so there will definitely be more grown-up projects…