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Too many ideas!

When is comes to this time of year, my mind goes into creative overdrive.  I realize my posting is much less now that my original goal has been met, but believe me, I am still making stuff.  There are about ten Christmas gifts in the works as well as my calender drawings.  Current projects involve sewing, crafting, drawing and crocheting.  I am proud to say that a good chunk of gifts are already done or close to being done, yeah! 

Working in a fabric store has definitely boosted my creativity and some days too many ideas are crowding my mind.  Because funds are still low for us, I have been buying things bit by bit every payday.  It helps to not have to blow an entire paycheck all at once.  This also is good because with my discount on top of sale price, I have gotten some incredible deals.

Today, my post will be the first of my calender pages.  There are two finished so only ten to go!