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Cutting Board Art

Every time I go to a thrift store or garage sale, I cannot help myself when it comes to wooden cutting boards.  They are a great size, a sturdy material and are fun to paint.  Besides, what else do you do with a used cutting board?   

The first one is a rooster design.  This was inspired from a book of painted designs that is from the library.  The second is an endless flower design and is just a pattern that I made up.  Both are going to look great added to my kitchen collection.

Estate Sale Find

One day last week I was trying to figure out what to do before work that evening.  There was a garage sale nearby and an estate sale on the next block.  Seemed like a great idea, you never know what you will find.  My purchases were a few framed pieces of art, a book, an old wooden cutting board and this chair.  Total spent:  $7.50. 

This chair is sturdy even with the split in it.  The back was missing, but that is fine and made it easier to paint.  The colors are mostly blues and greens with accents of orange and yellow.  Still not sure where to put it or what to do with the finished project, but it is a cool modern design.

Baby Quilts

I am not a quilter!  I can sew squares together for a baby size quilt but that is about it.  That being said, here are a few that were recently finished. 

The first quilt is a Simpson theme.  My uncle and his kids are big fans, as are my husband and I.  The fabric was purchased a few years ago and was going to be a scrub shirt for my hubby, but when my cuz got pregnant, it seemed appropriate to make a quilt with that fabric.  The colors are bright and fun.

The second one is a bunch of orange scraps that were in my fabric stash.  Until I started to sort through the bin, I didn't realize how much orange there was.  It turned out beautiful and is on it's way to a fundraiser for  Hopefully it will bring in some money for a great cause.

The last one is more bits that were in the stash and some extras that were recently purchased to add to the quilt.  This one is very bright and fun to look at.

Quilting is an art form that many enjoy and I applaud those t…