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Hats and Happy New Year!

Hello!  It has been an interesting year for this creative person that is for sure!  Jobless, then worked at a call center (ugh) and now working at a fabric store.  Definitely a transition year for me.  I am hopeful for the new year because I see it as a blank canvas ready for life to paint it's picture.  Endless possibilities are out there.  There are a few goals that are being set but no 'resolutions.'  Goals are better :)

My creativity has really blossomed over the past year and am looking to see what is next.  Last year after being let go from a job without notice it really got me down for a while but generally I'm happy so it didn't last long, besides, with love and support from family and friends, you can't go wrong no matter the situation. 

On with the creative part...for Christmas this year I sewed, crocheted, latch hooked, painted and made many gifts as usual.  On Friday and Saturday last week for whatever reason, I decided that after being 'done'…

Let's Go WILD!!!

Christmas came early this year for part of my family.  We celebrated this past weekend and this is what I gave my nephew.  He is a huge fan of the Minnesota Wild so I thought it was appropriate to paint a chair for him.  He is almost seventeen so being able to give him a gift instead of a gift card is always a challenge. 

Wish I would have taken a picture of his face when he saw it!  My nephew is a great kid and he makes me proud so it is great to give him something like this.