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Showing posts from September, 2011

Caddyshack Painting

Hello!  So, my mom's husband is a golf nut.  He recently had a putting green installed in his backyard and right next to it he has a storage shed that he wanted me to paint.  He requested "Caddyshack" painted on the front so I obliged.  As a bonus I made a small sign with the rules that the caddies in the movie had to follow. 

For inspiration I HAD to watch the movie again for like the fiftieth time, oh darn!  If you are ever having one of those days, pop in Caddyshack and you will laugh your butt off!  There are so many of those quotable moments in it.  Can you really go to a golf course and not think about Chevy Chase or the hilarious Bill Murray?

Peacock Drawing

I'm back!!!  It has been nice to take a break from the daily posting but I am always working on new creative endeavors.  Here is the peacock drawing that was mentioned on one of my later posts.  I was browsing the Internet the other day looking for inspiration and had forgotten that peacocks are so incredibly gorgeous!  WOW!  My drawing is stylized and interesting but nothing compares to the beauty of the real thing.  Trust me, if you have a chance, look up pictures of this majestic bird, it is worth your time.